Wednesday, September 1, 2010


WIN your choice of 1 Tamora Pierce novel

To celebrate the release of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto, HarperCollins ran a Star-cross’d Love Writing Contest. I just managed to get my entry up in on time. Below I have copied the first paragraph with the hope that you will enjoy my story so much you'll feel the need to vote for it.

To see the whole entry (and to vote) click here. Also feel free to browse the other entries. There are quite a few really nice ones that I have voted for myself.

I have also included a link to the Squeaky Books review of Halo so you can learn more about this up coming novel. Did you know that Alexandra is only 17 and already a published author! I'm really impressed!

Mortal Love
...and heaven was shaken

“It should be easy,” my father said nodding wisely. “All mortals are forsaken. But you are my son, and will not be influenced by their thoughts or feelings. I will give you one day only to visit the world of humans. Run wild, experience what you will, then return here, to your true home, filled with the knowledge that nothing here is tinted by their irrational arguments. Here is perfect, experience life below and you will never again question our way of life.”

I returned the nod, turning to imitate the tilt of his head, the set of his jaw. His eyes locked with mine for a moment longer then he turned and glided out of the room. The golden scepter in his hand hit with sunlight, glinted off the clouds and cast rainbows on the mortal earth so far below.

Agapios, my father’s provisions officer, tugged on the sleeve of my gown, drawing my attention back to reality. “You’ll need the proper tools for the job,” he said, lisp tinkling like metal on metal.

“Yes,” my eyes lit up. “A long bow, and lots of arrows I should think. You never know what might happen down there.” I nudged a foot towards the gap in the clouds, dull and colourless now my father had moved on.

“I should think not,” Agapios looked shocked, and pulled his white tunic closer to his body as if trying to draw it as far away from my ignorance as he could. “This is the twenty-first century!”

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