Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Author(s): Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and Pat van Beirs
Novel: With A Sword In My Hand
Release date: April 2010
Category: Historical fiction

Blurb: Marguerite’s father is desperate for a son. Instead he’s stuck with a feisty, stubborn daughter who refuses to behave life a lady. Shaking off the strict expectations of court life, Marguerite roams free- learning to ride, to fence and to outwit the boys. But the Count of Flanders has plans for his wayward daughter. Will Marguerite be able to resist the combined pressure of politics, power and a foreign prince? And she she me her match in Philip, the valiant knight in shirtsleeves?

Based on the real life of Marguerite van Male (1348-1405), With a Sword in My Hand is an intense medieval adventure, and Marguerite herself is a brave, headstrong and thoroughly charming heroine.

Review: I’m not going to say a lot about this one except that this book came across as very realistic. It was dirty. The main character were unclean... as in covered in mud... Some were sickly and others were pock marked. This might sound like a really strange thing to be commenting on but authors tend to over stylize historical fiction so that everyone this covered in lavender scented oils.

On the other hand, this book spared nothing. With the plague running through the country, the descriptions were wonderfully descriptive. My stomach wasn’t alway as pleased as my mind, but I really did enjoy reading a historical fiction that captured the feel of the era! It a great read if you enjoy medieval history and/or strong female characters.

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