Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Author: Kristin Cashore
Novel: Fire sequel to Graceling
Release date: 2009
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: Orion Books

Blurb: Fire’s exceptional beauty gives her influence and power. People who are susceptible to it will do anythinkg for her attention, and for her affection.

But beauty is only skin deep, and beneath it Fire has a human appreciation of right and wrong. Aware of her ability to influence others, and afraid of it, she lives in a corner of the world away from people - not only to protect them but also to protect herself from their attention, their distrust, and even their hatred.

Yet Fire is not the only danger to the Dells. If she wants to protect her home, if she wants a change to undo the wrongs of the past, she must face her fears, her abilities, and a royal court full of powerful people with reason to distrust her.

Review: Another excellent piece from Cashore. I loved this novel and will definitely be reading it again. What impressed me the most was the description of Fire and of all the problems that come from being overly beautiful. I started to become annoyed every time someone tried to run their hands through Fire’s hair and I almost threw the book away until I realised that my annoyance was just a fraction of what Fire would be experiencing. In this way, I felt a connection between her and me, I was able to take on her feelings and understand her decisions.

Fire’s childhood friend, Archer, was another character that I enjoyed reading about. I didn’t like him as much but he was well written and every believable. Cashore makes sure that her characters remain true to their natures and their reactions to the situations are, not predictable but, convincing.

The only small problem I had with this book was that Fire’s love interest was too similar to Katsa love interest in Graceling. Don’t get me wrong, they have different personalities, but the way he was introduced and the way he interacted with Fire was very similar. So much so that I guessed she would end up with him in their first meeting scene.

All in all I’m given this one a very high four out of five.

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