Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holidays and mailbox

Well I'm finally on holidays and you know what that means–lots of reading and lots of blogging!

Today I have three pieces of exciting news. The first is that I was kindly sent two new books, the Clearing by Heather Davis from Readergilz (thanks, it looks like a good read) and the Readers Digest World Atlas (Thanks Readers Digest!). I have included a couple of snap shots of the atlas because it is so beautiful and I love their double spreads.

My next piece of exciting news is that I have invented a new book blogger game that will be starting in a day or two. I'll give you a hint, lots of photos are involved with lots and lots of books!!

AND my third news piece is that I have decided to run a competition as soon as I get 5 followers. It'll be an international comp and open for all so grab your friends and bring them along here!

Happy holidays :)

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