Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bookcase Babble

Like I promised yesterday I have a new game!!

Its called Bookcase Babble and is really easy. Each day I will post a photo collection of one bookshelf and list the books shown. It will run for a week and each day I'll put up a new shelf. If anyone wants to share their photos put a link to your blog in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out!

So (drum roll please) Bookcase Babble 1: top shelf.

This is where I keep a lot of my history/archaeology books. My favorite time period is Medieval but I've done a lot of study on the Ancient Romans as well.

These are my favorite and prize possession of my top shelf. A box set of The Folio Society: The Story of the Middle Ages published by the Hutchinson University Library! Aren't they beautiful?! Oh and the three castles sitting in front are from my own making molded from bakeable clay. And they make great gifts.


  1. Cool idea! I wish I still had my bookshelves. Then I'd totally participate.

    P.S. The code under your button actually links to a picture that says "Emily's Reading Room" You might want to fix that. ;)

  2. It's always interesting to see others' bookshelves! I'm jealous of those Middle Ages books, by the way. I can't justify buying what must be a really expensive set at this point, but I'm totally fascinated by the Middle Ages.

    Oh, and I'd love to share my bookshelves, but I'm sort of embarrassed at the state they're in. Don't worry, I take very good care of my books! But anyway, I tend to borrow books from the library, not buy them, so my shelves aren't all that interesting...

  3. Thanks about the note on my button, I wonder how I did that? Its funny isn't it.

    I know what you mean by messy bookshelves, I just spend the last two day tidying mine up so that you could see the books past all my other possessions.

    I do like borrowing books from the library but since I finished school and moved on to uni I don't have access to my school library and I liked it a lot more than the public one. I am still getting into the habit of ordering books on line from the public library so that they arrive on time. But at the moment I have a few nice ones including Angel Fish by Lili Wilkinson and Esty's gold by Mary Arrigan. The last one is about Australian history so close to home for me and both of them library books :)


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