Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Randutiae*

* Copying the style of fantasy author and generally amazing person Kristin Cashore, today's post is a collection of interesting and mainly book-related tidbits.

  • Firstly, Tamora Pierce's latest recommended read is The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley.  Tamora writes "This is my current favourite read! It's a steampunk fantasy, and it's got a Japanese watchmaker with a clockwork octopus. What more do you need to know?"
  • Here's a link to Ian McHugh's website. He's an Australian science fiction author who writes short stories. If you're looking for a short but alien read, he's your man. And most of his published stories are freely accessible through his website, FREE being the key word here.
  • Next, for my more writerly readers: YA science fiction writer Beth Revis has recently published a new e-book on writing advice. It's called Paper Hearts and it's free via wattpad, that's FREE. Just note, you'll have to create an account to read the book.
  • While on wattpad, consider entering Harlequin's annual So You Think You Can Write competition. Here are the details with the grand prize a 2 book publishing contract. This year they are joining forces with Carina Press which means they're not just accepting straight romance but also science fiction, LGBTQ and New Adult romance.
  • And lastly, something a little different. Here's a wonderful 15 minute video of the Sydney Opera House as the backdrop to a living mural collaboratively created by more than 20 different animation studios worldwide. Thanks against to Kristin Cashore for the heads-up.

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