Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bookcase Babble 5

Today is my last Bookcase Babble, or at least until I have enough new books for a re-organise so I thought I would jump across from my purple bookcase to my blue one.

And as you can see that are books appearing on my non-bookcase shelf. These are my archaeology textbooks for previous uni course. I know a lot of people sells theres at the end of each semester but I have trouble parting with them. Always wondering if I will need them in the future when I am a professional...

And my other non-bookcase shelf. More history books. As you can see I like my history. If I could chose one time period to travel back to for a holiday I think I would chose.... late medieval Ireland.... or post war Australia...... or Victorian England...... or End of the Roman Empire Turkey.... who an I kidding, I wouldn't be able to chose. I'd be better off staying at home with my books. HAPPY FACE!! the World is now complete.

especially with pirates just around the bend.

Remember if you want to join in the bookcase fun all you have to do is post photos of your own bookcase shelfs, leave a comment on my blog and add a link on your blog to mine.

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