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DAVID RANDALL; In The Shadow Of The Bear Series

Author: David Randall
Novel: In The Shadow Of The Bear Series: Clovermead, Chandlefort, Sorrel and Ursus
Release date: 2004, 2006, 2007 and Ursus not yet published.
Category: Fantasy

Blurb: (Clovermead) Twelve-year-old Clovermead Wickward dreams about the thrill of a sword fight, the excitement of heroic quests, and the clash of mighty armies. The last thing she expects is for those dreams to come true. But it seems her beloved father, Waxmelt, is not who she has believed him to be, and as Clovermead becomes aware of strange new powers within herself, she realises her father is harboring secrets that threaten to tear their small family apart.

At the same time, the good nuns of Lady Moon are waging an epic battle against the on slaughter of the evil bear-preists of Lord Ursus, whose power are fed by blood and carnage. When Clovernead finds herself thrust into the middle of this war, she comes to understand that the clash between good and evil is raging not only on the battlefield but also within herself. The fate of the land and her family hang in the balance, and Clovermead must determine which force is strongest within her.

A richly imagined and stunning novel that will resonate in the minds and hearts of readers everywhere.

Review: Okay the reason I have decided to review all four books at the same time is because due to economical problems Ursus is not going to be published (at least not by the original publishers) but I still want everyone to know how much I like this series. It is possible to lay your hands on a copy of Ursus as David Randall is happy to email the latest draft to any who ask.

I have read this series at least twice and I enjoyed the story both times. Clovermead is a strong willed girl and I liked her despite the annoying errors she kept making. David has written it in such a way that Clovermead’s mistakes are taken on board and her character learns from them. By the last book she is still not perfect but is growing into a responsible and happy young lady destined to rule. Sorrel, her best friend throughout, was my favorite as he was different to everyone else around Clovermead and send a fresh breath of air every time he talked.

The personal good vs evil battle within Clovermead was at such a level that many of the characteristics could be related with. Her want to do the right thing and her need for knowledge about her family, history and her parents life weighed heavily on her heart and as I said she did not always make the right choices. I liked this inner battle because I though it made her character 3D even if I would occasionally yell out a frustrated warning that she could not hear.

I will give this series 3 out of 5 and advice any one interested not to be alarmed by the lack of Ursus on the bookshop shelves. Give David a call and he will be happy to answer.


  1. Charlotte,

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the books, and
    grateful you're giving them publicity. I'm touched, and very
    flattered, that you read the series twice. The blog, by the
    way, is a nifty idea; I always enjoy reading
    book-recommendations on blogs.

    Speaking of which ... it's a little away from
    young-adult fantasy, but have you read Dorothy Dunnett's
    *Lymond Chronicles*? They're six books, 3,000 pages in sum,
    romantic historical novels set in Scotland & Europe in
    the 1540s and 1550s. They're extremely demanding -- it took
    me a good part of two years to get through the series, mixed
    in with my other reading. But definitely worthwhile, and
    worth a look.

    I don't quite know if Dunnett is up your alley, but I
    hope she is; and I think a book recommendation is the best
    thank-you I could give you for your kindness in reviewing my

    All best, and gratefully, David Randall

  2. Hello, I am really interested to find out what Mr Randall's email address is. You said that he would happily email *Ursus* to anyone who asked, so... Please reply to this and let me know, thanks.

  3. His current email is gothamfella[at]yahoo[dot]com

    But, I wrote this post before he had Ursus self-published. You can now buy the book from Amazon and Createspace. I will paste the links below. I don't know if David is still emailing this novel out now it is available for purchase. That being said, do email him, he is always happy to answer any questions.

    David's homepage:

  4. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. I didn't know that his book was actually available to be bought, I havn't been able to find it before. Thanks.


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