Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kristin Cashore in Australia!

The old saying 'you should never meet your hero' definitely does not apply to Kristin Cashore!

Author of Graceling and Fire, Kristin blessed our Australian shores this May with her tour of Sydney and Melbourne. I was lucky enough to be able to travel into town (only three and a half hours on the bus) to see her give a talk, Q & A, and a book signing.

It really was lovely being able to see a few pages of Kristin's hand written draft and to be able to ask questions about her writing process. She answered everyone's questions with thought and honesty. My favourite piece of advice was her own thoughts on personal muse demons who attack an authors confidence. Thanks Kristin for showing us that even professionals such as your self are sometimes struck down with doubts about your writing.

To hear more from Kristin visit her blog This is my secret.

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