Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EVE EDWARDS; Lucey Chronicles series clip

I just saw this clip on between the lines Penguin and loved it. I really really want to read this book and that's saying something because today I spent a whole hour in Borders and came out empty handed. I couldn't find anything I want to read. That being said, I am so going in tomorrow to buy this book (assuming they have it and I don't think they do so I'll go somewhere else tomorrow and buy it.... you know what I mean).

p.s I laughed when I saw that their idea of a simple life included pottery making and thread dying. I'm pretty sure they are not as easy as they appear.

p.p.s I'm also pretty sure they didn't have 'country' music back in Beth's day :) funny

And look book 2 is coming out really soon!

lots of love

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