Monday, June 21, 2010

Bookcase Babble 4

Because I finished reading Magic Study yesterday I decided to spend today writing my novel. I'm up to the editing part but have decided to re-write everything I have written. This way I can focus on my character development now that I know exactly what is going to happen. I have learnt while doing the re-write that a characters personality is based completely on their experiences. Now I know what my characters have and will experience I can make them into real people. Understand?

Anyway, I still managed to stop for a break and take some photos of my bookcase.

Today I'm showing off my forth self. The further down we go, the more stranger my books get and the further away we are from my three favorite shelfs (see Bookcase Babble, Bookcase Babble 2 and Bookcase Babble 3 for my favorite books). But thats not to say that I still don't love them.

The Pirate Queen by Alan Gold, for instance, is one that I have still read several times, along with Paul Collins Jelindel Chronicles. (I've only book 2 of this collection and am refusing to buy them new. If I see any in a second hand shop though, onto my shelf they will go.) I also have one of my new favorites, by Ellis Peters, from Brother Cadfael novel collection. I've only just discovered these, and while written many years ago the language is beautiful and the medieval setting has me written all over it.

Nest door is the Age of the Five Series by Trudi Canavan, The Axis Trilogy but Sara Douglass and the frist two from the Troy Game also by Sara Douglass. I never ended up buying the last two in the Troy Game because they were becoming a little too sordid for my taste. And as you can see, since reading these a couple of years ago I have reverted back to the younger adult novels which often don't have so much blood, guts and torture in them and make for a more pleasant read.

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