Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chat Time #1

Discussion time: The majority of books I review are ones that I have fallen in love with. That isn't because I only review the books I have liked reading but because I only choose books that I know I will like to read. I've thought about it quite a bit over the last few days and have decided that there are a few things that I look for in a book before turning the first page. I have them listed below with #1 being the most important.

1. Cover art;
2. Blurb;
3. Author;
4. Main characters;
5. Setting;
6. Genera;
7. Age group; and
8. Length and text size.

I'm picky I know, but it's the result of years spent reading novels that I found disappointing or time wasting. The common phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' is very hard to follow and really not true. I use the cover as a point of reference all the time. I often flick back to it to double check what a character or setting looks like and I often find it hard to read a novel with an unappealing cover.

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  1. I'm very picky with my books as well. When I'm in the shop or library and I come across an interesting looking book whose author I don't know, I tend to open to a random page and read it, to see if I like the writing style. Because I just can't get through those really tediously written ones, or the ones with the small cramped font, for that matter.


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