Thursday, January 7, 2010

MELINA MARCHETTA Finniking of the Rock

Author: Melina Marchetta
Title: Finnikin of the Rock
Release date:2008
Category: Fantasy

Blurb: Finnikin of the Rock and his guardian, Sir Topher, have not been home to their beloved Lumatere for ten years. Not since the dark days when the royal family was murdered and the kingdom put under a terrible curse. But then Finnikin is summoned to meet Evanjalin, a young woman with an incredible claim: the heir to the throne of Lumatere, Prince Balthazar, is alive.

Evanjalin is determined to return home and she is the only one who can lead them to the heir. As they journey together, Finnikin is affected by her arrogance . . . and her hope. He begins to believe he will see his childhood friend, Prince Balthazar, again. And that their cursed people will be able to enter Lumatere and be reunited with those trapped inside. He even believes he will find his imprisoned father.

But Evanjalin is not what she seems. And the truth will test not only Finnikin's faith in her . . . but in himself.

Review: I loved this book! 4 stars

The characters are wonderful. Their lives are anything but perfect which makes their character flaws all the more understandable. Even the ending isn't a fairy tale but it fits the story and I was very happy when I shut the book for the last time.

The story line is easy enough to follow even though the reader isn't given all the facts. You have to try and solve the problem along with Fin and Evanjalin. This, l think, is one of the more enjoyable types of novels because the ending isn't predictable and you feel like you are apart of the action the whole way through.

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